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Indian Casino Game Providers Invest in Brazil

Indian Casino Game Providers Invest in Brazil

The most important

  • “Made in India” games set to invade the online casino market in Brazil
  • The similarity between young audiences is attractive to Indian providers
  • For Indians, low costs make Brazil the land of opportunities.

Indians choose Brazil to escape competition and capture a growing market

At the last edition of the Brazil Game Show, one of the country’s largest events for online gaming, it was possible to find several Indian companies presenting their releases. With pride, they showcased their “Made in India” games to thousands of people.

Specialist providers like WinZo, known for its crash games, are eyeing the large Brazilian market. It’s an avenue to capture new revenue outside of India and China, and also the competitive North American market.

“From a demographic standpoint, both are emerging markets with a huge young audience,” said Paavan Nanda, CEO and co-founder of WinZO.

Why are Indians interested in the Brazilian iGaming market?

The profile of Brazilian and Indian players of online games, such as slot machines, is similar. Young people between 18 and 24 years old. Another important reason is the new regulation in Brazil for online casinos, which will turn the country into a land of opportunities for foreign companies.

The Brazilian scenario is also attractive for other reasons:

  • Growing access of Brazilians to high-speed Internet
  • Brazil is the fifth largest online gaming market in terms of users
  • The average income of Brazilian players has increased in recent years.

Lower costs for providers also make a difference

From the development of new slot machines until they reach the public, providers spend thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars. One of the highest costs is focused on the pre-launch phase, when tests are conducted.

Testing in the United States and Canada is very expensive. On the other hand, conducting the same evaluations in Brazil is much more financially accessible. Furthermore, according to Indian experts, the profile of Brazilian players is very similar to the audience living in India.

And even our Pix has some similarities with Indian payment methods, such as UPI.

Online casino games as a cultural bridge

In the current iGaming market, there is no bubble. Successes in Asia, like Fortune Tiger, were quickly embraced by Brazilian players. In the future, the goal of Indian providers is to work with developers in Brazil to facilitate an exchange. Successful casino games in India coming to Brazil, and vice versa.

It appears that this digital relationship between such distant countries has everything to grow.

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