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Indian Government Takes Firm Action Against Celebrities Promoting Offshore Gambling


In a decisive move against the promotion of illegal gambling, India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued a stern warning to celebrities and influencers, cautioning them against endorsing offshore online gambling operators on social media platforms.

Warning Against Illegal Endorsements

The advisory clarified that promoting illegal gambling operators in any form is strictly prohibited, with potential consequences including rigorous scrutiny and legal action. The Indian government retains the authority to issue notifications to intermediaries, such as social media platforms, mandating the removal of posts advertising illicit operators.

Consequences for Celebrities

Celebrities and influencers may face proceedings under the 2019 Consumer Protection Act, potentially leading to the suspension of their social media accounts. Additional punitive measures could also be invoked under relevant statutes. Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that the government is also urging the public to seek entertainment from legal avenues, highlighting the best online casinos in India as viable alternatives.

Rising Concerns and Regulatory Efforts

The warnings follow a surge in influencer marketing of illegal gambling activities. Despite regulatory efforts, a recent study revealed that over a quarter of online gamblers in India encounter significant challenges, ranging from identity theft to transaction complications.

Government’s Response

In November, the Indian government intensified its crackdown on offshore operators by issuing blocking orders against 22 betting apps and websites deemed to be operating illegally, underscoring its commitment to tackling illicit gambling activities within its jurisdiction.

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