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Research Unveils Challenges in Reliability for Online Bettors in India

Research Unveils Challenges in Reliability for Online Bettors in India

The results were disclosed in a recent investigation conducted by Ken Research into the behavioral patterns of consumers engaged in online casinos within the nation.

The analysis, titled “Examining Consumer Behavior in the Online Gambling Sector in India,” highlighted various reliability concerns.

For more than a quarter of online gaming participants, “challenges” encompassed diverse potential risks, such as “instances of fraud… unauthorized transactions, or complications related to fund withdrawals.”

The report proposed that the hurdles were influenced by “India’s diverse cultural and legal landscape.”

“Distinct states in India implemented varying regulations on gambling, ranging from outright prohibition to regulatory measures,” it stated. “This mosaic of laws occasionally created uncertainty for both operators and users.”

Additionally, only a minute fraction of online bettors possess a “comprehensive awareness” of industry regulations, potentially enabling individuals to engage with unregulated operators.

The study attributed this challenge to “the intricate nature of the laws” and “limited exposure to in-depth information.” In November, Indian authorities issued orders to block 22 illegal betting apps and websites.

This action followed the imposition of a new flat 28% turnover tax on licensed online gambling operators just weeks prior.

In January of the previous year, the Indian government published new rules aimed at regulating online gambling.

The study also recognized future growth potential

In Delhi and Maharashtra, online gambling is particularly popular among individuals aged 36 to 44. In Uttar Pradesh, the activity is most prevalent among those aged 26 to 35.

The study additionally noted that a majority of 36 to 44-year-olds in Karnataka actively participate in online gambling, dedicating between 11 and 20 hours per week to the activity.

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